Founded by Rosie Nisanyan in September 2020, The Black Cat Tea Shop handcrafts organic tea blends in Brooklyn, NY for tea lovers across the country. Having been laid off due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Rosie turned her attention to one of the things she loved most: tea! Rosie has never liked coffee and, early in life, began exploring the world of tea beyond Lipton and Bigelow. She was amazed by how much flavor was out there, as well as the natural healing powers of tea!


Rosie Nisanyan

Our Story


Early Experimentation

Tea has always been a big part of Rosie's life, having grown up in an Armenian household. Every dinner with the extended family (and even at home) would end with the question, "Soorj or Chai?" "Soorj" meant the strong, espresso-like Armenian coffee known for its ability to tell your future within its grounds, while "Chai" was usually some kind of simple black tea that served as a digestive aid (not to be confused with the spicy Chai tea native to India). But as a kid, the bowl of sugar cubes on the table was the real treat.

Fast forward to the summer of 2020. Rosie put her love and knowledge of tea to good use, experimenting with ingredients to make unique blends in her kitchen. Now you can enjoy these beautiful and delicious teas year-round. While we're starting with a limited offering of teas, new blends will be released every month. We also plan to offer custom blends, additional accessories, and much more, so stay tuned!

Fun fact: The Black Cat Tea Shop is named after Rosie's real-life black cat, Como, our unofficial mascot.


Como the Cat