Green Fields Matcha Latte

A smooth, velvety classic. Since Matcha tea can have a slightly bitter taste on its own, we love preparing our Green Fields blend as a fabulous latte! So order up a few ounces of Green Fields and give this recipe a try!

Serves 1 | Contains Caffeine



  1. Spoon Green Fields Tea powder and sugar into a bowl

  2. Add warm water and mix with a spoon or bamboo whisk in a Z-pattern until smooth (there should be no lumps)

  3. Warm the milk in a small saucepan (do not boil) and pour into bowl with the tea mixture. (For an iced latte, don’t heat the milk and add ice cubes at the end).

  4. Use a spoon or bamboo whisk to mix them together until smooth

  5. Pour into a mug or enjoy straight from the bowl!

Feel free to adjust any part of this recipe to your liking -- and let us know in the comments how yours came out!

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